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Members & Joining

Please apply if you would like to join the UK Carbon Association. The UKCA is free to join.

Look out for members displaying the UK Carbon Association badge on their website


Joining the UK Carbon Association

Membership of the UK Carbon Association (UKCA) is restricted to companies and organisations that are seeking to make a positive impact on climate change and are based in the UK.


To join the UKCA your company or organisation will be:  

  • Based in the UK: either with HQ in the UK, or a significant presence in the UK; and

  • Willing to adhere to the UKCA Code of Conduct; and:

  • Providing products or services that are net-zero or enable consumers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint; or

  • Enabling other companies (or consumers) reduce their carbon footprint through consulting and/or advisory services; or

  • Operating schemes in the UK which reduce, capture and/or store carbon

UK Carbon Association Code of Conduct


The UK Carbon Association Code of Conduct is based on the principals of the International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA), with a few additional pledges (where relevant or appropriate for your company or organisation):

For all Members

  1. Perform carbon measurement for your company or products & services in accordance with recognised standards.

  2. Encourage clients or consumers to assess emission reduction opportunities and prioritise cost-effective actions.

  3. Use credible carbon credits in accordance with international standards and programs.

  4. Act with skill, care and integrity.

  5. Commit to collaboration and shared learning, including engaging with other UKCA members and promoting best practices.

  6. Raise awareness of climate change and the importance of achieving carbon net-zero, in seeking to rebalance the climate.

For Members who provide Carbon reduction advisory services​ and/or Carbon offsetting schemes

  1. Encourage clients or consumers to set challenging targets to reduce their carbon footprint or go beyond business-as-usual.

  2. Use third-party registries to retire and remove carbon credits used for offsetting; otherwise seek to ensure carbon credits are only used once.

  3. Encourage clients to communicate their carbon status and footprints, including emissions associated with the organisation, product, service or event, as well as details about actions to reduce and offset emissions.

  4. Encourage clients to set a target date for reaching carbon net-zero.

Appply to Join