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The UK Carbon Association highlights methodologies and members that can advise and assist companies to calculate their carbon footprint.  

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Carbon Footprint Calculation Advisers and Tools

Carbon Footprint Methodologies

Companies looking to construct a detailed calculation of their carbon footprint, or that of their products, may wish to  apply one of two standards:

  • International Standard IS0-14064 (Greenhouse gases; measuring, quantifying, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions);  or

  • PAS 2050  published by British Standards Institution (Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services).

Quick Estimate

For individuals, and smaller and less complex companies, or to get a quick estimate, you can assume 9.3t of C02 per employee (each person in the UK has an average fully loaded carbon footprint of 9.3t per annum - source: ONS). 

You may want to make specific adjustments if your company is particularly carbon intensive, for example, your team takes a large number of flights, by using online estimators to account for these activities.     

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