Enabling carbon net-zero

in the UK

Organic Vegetable Farm

351M tonnes of C02

produced in the UK every year


Our Goal

To assist UK companies and consumers to reach carbon net-zero. 

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What We Do

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Our members are committed to co-ordinating with others and assisting in achieving the common goal of net zero.



Our members provide zero-footprint services and products or provide information and insights to enable companies and individuals measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.



We aim to provide assurance and confidence - certification, accreditation and/or confirmation - to give comfort that companies and individuals are on the right track to reduce their carbon footprint.

Who We Are

The UK Carbon Association members are companies and organisations looking to enable the shift to a net-zero carbon economy. They are companies who seek to deliver products and services with a net-zero footprint, and consultants and advisers who can assist others on their path to net-zero. 

Helping you on your journey to Carbon Net-Zero

Carbon Footprint Calculation

The UK Carbon Association seeks to make it easy for everyone - companies or consumers - to get started on their journey to carbon net-zero. Our members provide tools, assistance and provide assurance to enable you to calculate and manage your carbon footprint.

Carbon Reduction

Our members provide monitoring services and assist with creating and implementing an appropriate plan of action to reduce carbon usage.


Companies aiming to become carbon neutral can pledge to go carbon net-zero, setting a target date and creating a plan of action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Offsetting

The UK Carbon Association seeks to highlight UK carbon offsetting schemes to enable you to reach net-zero today.

The UK Carbon Association provides oversight of voluntary carbon offset projects in the UK, confirming the methodology and approach of our members, to provide assurance to donors and supporters of those projects.

Image by Tyler Casey